How to sleep better

Insomnia, sleeplessness, sleep disorders, it all refers to a bad night’s sleep. The consequences are well known: feeling tired, problems concentrating, perhaps even dozing off during the day. Reason enough to try and change it? Perhaps that this site offers part of a solution.

Complaints about sleep are very frequent. Research shows that about 10% of the population sleeps badly quit often. Depending on how these complaints are defined, sometimes even higher figures are mentioned. This means that the life-time prevalence of insomnia is nearly 100%, meaning nearly everyone sleeps badly at some point in his or her life.

In most cases people don’t do anything about their complaints, and if they do something, they try using hypnotics. For those dissatisfied with this option, several methods to help yourself sleep better were developed. The methods most commonly used are described on this site. By following the programme step by step, it may be possible to have more influence on your own quality of sleep.

The following topics are presented:

  • What is sleep and what can I expect of it?
  • Which sleep disorders exist and which ones are manageable by self-help?
  • Which of the sleep disorders do I have?
  • Self-observation by means of a sleep diary
  • Steps towards change:
    1. Changing habits
    2. Learning how to relax
    3. Changing thoughts

Important: The method presented is a self-help method. Before starting it might be necessary to consult your GP on this.